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Find out why ENERGyZE is the convenient and money-saving solution for you.

With ENERGyZE you won’t have to complete an additional application or paperwork to initiate your electricity service. There’s no need to contact electric providers to arrange for service. Instead, electric service will be in place the day you move in. Our convenient eBills can be delivered directly to your email inbox each month.

With the power to negotiate larger volume rates your landlord has obtained straightforward pricing that directly benefits you through the ENERGyZE program. With no minimum usage charges or extra hidden fees, you'll save money each month.

When you choose ENERGyZE, your electric charges will appear with your other utility charges on your Conservice monthly bill. Your electric consumption, rate, and charge will be clearly displayed as a separate line item so you can track your energy use from month to month. You’ll also enjoy the convenience of making only one utility payment each month.

Other electricity providers may charge you a deposit (typically $50-$150, depending on credit check). Most other providers will also require an additional credit check before turning on the electricity.

* Conservice reserves the right to require a deposit when credit score provided by property management is below pre-determined threshold or payment history is inadequate.

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